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Southpaw Classic: In Honour of Luke Lavoie

The Southpaw Classic is a memorial golf tournament to honour Luke Lavoie and to raise money for mental health initiatives. 


On the surface, Luke was a kind hearted, witty, and trustworthy friend who always had your back and could lift your sprits when you needed it most. Underneath that surface, Luke was in a battle with mental illness for many years.


Luke's situation along with that of many others has revealed several problems with treatment of mental illness. With your support, we can help others that are going through the same struggle receive the help and support they need.


Luke was a southpaw boxer which inspired the tournament name and vision to fight back against mental illness.

Where do we Donate?

Bruce Oake Recovery Centre

The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is a long-term, residential treatment centre for those seeking support for problematic subtance use. Opening its doors in 2021, The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre provides addiction treatment as well as the resources and skills necessary to successfully re-enter society. Existing treatment facilities have waiting lists in excess of a month or more. The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre aims to significantly reduce the wait for treatment to those who need it.

Learn more about the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre at:

Higher Learning Foundation

The Higher Learning Foundation is changing the way we think about and handle mental wellness. They represent a movement to normalize and prioritize the discussion of mental wellness. They also believe that people should have the tools to foster their own mental wellness. They provide a variety of resources, including mental fitness programming to be offered in high schools, which educate and empower students to manage their own wellness. They are also leading researchers, actively studying the keys to mental and emotional wellbeing and delivering this knowledge back to society.

Learn more about the Higher Learning Foundation at:

Mood Disorders

Central Region

The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba is a self-help organization dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for those living with a mood disorder, co-occurring disorders, or other mental health illnesses. They increase public awareness about mood disorders and empower people to develop hope and recovery. Their vision is to build an understanding community in the awareness of mood disorders through providing support and recovery to those living with mood disorders.

Learn more about The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba at:

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